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  • CHARGING SYSTEM TEST (We check battery, and alternator system)


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5 thoughts on “FREE SERVICE COUPON 2017!!

  1. Hey, thanks for the freebie, I’ll take this onboard. I’m in need of my brakes inspecting so you’ll probably have some business here, also I do need my tyre pressures blowing up.

    What do I do to accomplish this free checkup, do I print out this post and bring it in? And do I wait while the checks are done or do I have to leave my car with you?
    Thanks again,

    1. No problem and you can wait or leave your car up to you, just by calling for wait time or to schedule appointment. I will update the website more briefly and have deals more often. Hope to see you soon, take care!

  2. I like all your media and general set up but in not sure if your in the middle of building this particular page but right now there’s not really much here add some posts or some links describing what you are trying to do here as far as the chargig tests and brake test folders go

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